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The Prospective Collective

After many years of travelling and living all over the world I have spent the past decade in Lambeth, where for the first time I can call home. One of the main things that has enabled me to do this is the music and dance culture of the 30's, there is now not so underground scene of this vintage tradition, that has been growing around me. I am lucky to be a part of it, playing 1930's jazz in a band the 'Prospective Collective', where we hosted weekly dances at the famous 'Jamboree' in Limehouse (pre lockdown). It was the most incredible way to spend a Sunday afternoon, turning up to a pub in daylight, with not a soul around, within minutes the dance floor is full and the music goes on until everyone is too tired to play or move. The wonderful thing about this whole 'scene' is it doesn't really matter who you are, how old you are, if you can dance, what you're wearing..... if you're in the Jamboree on a Sunday afternoon, you will be asked to dance and it will be fun. People from all over the world, every generation, coming together to share the afternoon.

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