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Live Stream for the Green Note Friday 16th October with Alice Williamson and myself

Join us over on the Green Notes youtube channel to hear our renditions of our current favourite songs to play together. We will be sharing the bill with Rob Picazo and the Bombadills

Here is a lovely note from the Green Note power house ladies who run this wonderful venue:

While the doors to our beloved venue remain closed and the whole world as we know it seems to have turned upside down, we wanted to continue to do what we love doing! Even if it is in a somewhat different way, as it has become necessary to adapt to this unexpected situation.

So…. we are very proud to announce “Virtually Green Note”… a series of specially-curated, unique, online gigs. These shows, which will be streamed live to our website and on our Facebook and YouTube pages, will each feature three specially selected artists, and take an “in the round” format, where the artists take turns in playing songs.

We aren’t selling tickets for these gigs, but we would like to ask you to please make a donation via the PayPal link here or on the page where you’re watching from (we’ve set it up to provide an option to donate for each individual show so please use this link rather than the donate button below). All the money raised for each show, will be divided four ways, between the venue and the three artists playing on that date. If you are in a position to, we would like to strongly encourage you to donate – musicians have been hit really hard by recent events, many of them having their upcoming gigs and tours cancelled, as well as one of their main sources of income having been taken away, almost overnight. We know that consequently many of them are struggling financially, and would be incredibly grateful for the support of music-loving audiences during this time. Same goes from all of us at the venue, which is of course facing its own difficulties. We are recommending a suggested donation of £10 per show, but are leaving the amount open for you each to decide what feels do-able for you, as we know that everybody’s situation is different and many of you have also been affected financially by recent events. If you don’t have a PayPal account, but would still like to donate, please email us. If you work for the NHS or are a key worker, we would like to say THANK YOU for what you are doing on behalf of all of us, and would like to invite you to enjoy any of our shows for free.

We have announced our line up for the next few weeks, and will keep adding to these as and when we confirm more shows… We have SO many amazing artists booked and are excited to share these with you… so make sure you keep checking our events page for the latest updates and if you don’t already follow us on social media, now is the time to start!

We’re very excited about these shows and hope you enjoy them too!

Lots of love,

Immy & Risa

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